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Strickland/Dutch Surnames [Dec. 15th, 2005|02:52 am]

My grandfather told me that our last name was Dutch and that it may have been altered a little when our family emigrated. Can anyone confirm that Strickland is a Dutch Surname and/or suggest how it may have been originally spelled?

Thank you for your time!

Kevin A. Strickland

From: obie_1
2006-01-31 09:39 am (UTC)
Hi Kevin,

I can add some info, this is from the nl wikipedia:

Sir Gerald Strickland, graaf van Della Catena, baron van Strickland Sizergh (Valetta, 24 mei 1861-Malta, 22 augustus 1940), was een Maltees en Brits politicus.

Your name is not uncommon here, it might look like Stikland or Strijkland. This was found searching the dutch phonebook (www.detelefoongids.nl). The guy above was living in the UK and on the isle of Malta (a isle in the mediteranian sea). If you know where your grandfather came from, you might find these names in there. Good luck! If you need more help drop me a line.
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